Have your pick of choices of high-end luxury cars at TalwarVolvo Motors. Visit the showroom nearest to you in Hyderabad.

If you’re looking for something sporty to spark your youthfulness and spirit of adventure, don’t miss out on the Volvo XC40.


Luxury meets adventure with this one. This car is made for driving. If you want to take trips with your buddies or your family to an adventurous mountain destination and in style at that, this is your best bet at having the time of your life. It ensures that all your suitcases find a place while still carrying a chic and compact vibe. Additionally, it works very well for roads in the busy Indian city of Hyderabad and for the fast-paced life you aspire to enjoy while still enjoying the luxury of a high-end car. A smart car, in all senses of the word. Look out for this classic when you visit the showroom.

Want to cruise through the streets in pure class? Check out this premium car.


Volvo Xc90

Having an environmental conscience is classy. This high-end car cares about Hyderabad’s health. Buy yourself some responsibility while not having to compromise on luxury. This car is the epitome of comfort – soft leather seats with ventilation, crystal gearshift lever, massage functions, four-way electric lumbar support, and uncluttered luxury. Visit the showroom and be sure to check this classic car out. A Swedish luxury could be yours!

Have you always admired the Scandinavian way of life? Take a peek at the car that takes high-end further up the league.

VOLVO XC90 Excellence

This CAR has prestige and privacy coded into its very core. With two separate luxurious seats in the rear and the front, it sets the standard high for luxury cars across the world. This classic Scandinavian treat is said to be quintessentially Volvo. What more could you want from a premium luxury car?

Are you looking to scale up your existing car? What makes a luxury car one of the classics at this age and time is the technology that is built into it.


The XC60 is one of the best luxury cars in the market. What makes it the best is how technologically advanced it is. Human beings came up with technology to surpass human capabilities. Ironically, technology is advancing in a manner whereby the closer it is to human nature, the better it is. This luxury car functions by this logic. Not only does the inbuilt touch screen system for navigation and entertainment respond to human voice and touch, but have been designed to be intuitive. This nudges the XC60 CAR up into the league of the high-end classics. Take a spin and soak in the luxury of the XC60 in your nearest Volvo showroom if the technology is prestige to you.