Looking for a brand new car? Want to know what the best luxury cars in the market are? Want to find a dealership right near you in Hyderabad? This page will provide you with the information you are looking for and give you the best options available to you.

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Some of the best new high-end Volvos have been compiled for you here. Read on.

The XC series.

Volvo XC40

This high-end compact SUV is the first of its kind at Volvo. Sporty and innovatively designed, it is inbuilt with some of the smartest technology as well as ingenious storage. It is not only highly suitable for the rough and tumble of life in a city like Hyderabad but great for some memorable road trips too!

Available with automatic transmission, the diesel engine has a capacity of 1969 cc and gives a mileage of up to 18 km/l.

The Volvo XC40 momentum is priced at 39.9 lakhs and the XC40 Inscription is priced at 43.9 lakhs. The difference in pricing is a result of additional high-end features in the Volvo XC40 inscription, such as aluminium décor inlays, crystal gear level knob, perforated steering wheel with unideco inlay and more, in addition to the common features that both the luxury cars share such as an automatically dimmed rearview mirror, carpet kit, parking ticket holder, a 12.3 inch display and other luxuries.

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Volvo XC60

XC60 volvo

This luxury car combines boldness and elegance with a striking exterior and a beautiful interior.  This one has classic features like a park assist pilot, a battery charger, charging cable, cord holder as well as luxuries like neck pillows, passenger compartment heaters, glass holders and an ashtray. At a starting price of 52.9 lakhs, this is a classic to experience.

With an engine capacity of 1969 cc, it gives a top speed of 220 km/h, power of 235 bhp and torque of 480 nm. It also has a fuel tank capacity of 60 to 71 liters and a cargo volume of 505 L.

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Volvo XC90

This luxury car is titled the world car of the year and rightly so! It is inbuilt with sophisticated technology like an Apple Car Play, Smartphone Integration, Sensus Navigation, and an IPad Holder. It also boasts of luxuries like Ventilation interior software, Sunshades for windows and the windscreen, electric engine heater and safety mechanisms like an Alcohol lock software, auto shock, kicks guard, a padded booster seat and a harness for your cute little doggo!

This 7 seaters high-end luxury Volvo car has a diesel and petrol engine capacity of 1969 cc, mileage of up to 42 km/l, fuel tank capacity of 50 to 70 L, the cargo volume of 314 L and a curb weight of 2394 kg. Visit the Talwar Volvo Cars dealership showroom to experience this luxury.